Upcoming Trips

Here is an extract of my upcoming trips throughout the year 2018. Many of my trips are planned rather spontaneously so this is just an outline of the trips that I have already booked so far – many more will (hopefully) come.

Because TAP Air Portugal is selling very cheap light fares (hand luggage only) to many places in West Africa, I have booked several flights that will help me fill out the blank spots in my travel map in that area.

Read my article how I always find the cheapest flights.

Trips for the first half of 2018:

January 2018

12-14 January – Bilbao, Spain

February 2018

2-5 February – Cape Verde

8-11 Februar – Barcelona

March 2018

15-19 March – Senegal and Mauritania

April 2018

25 April – 1 May – Over Land from Ghana through Togo to Benin

May 2018

25-28 May – Longyaerbyen, Svalbard, Arctic Circle, Norway

Next to all the trips to Africa, this will be a cool change from the hot climate – pun intended 🙂

June 2018

14-17 June – Guinea-Bissau