Driving through Namibia without a 4WD – An Adventurous and Stupid Travel Tale

Usually, I do a fair bit of reading and planning before I travel to a new country. But when I prepared my trip to Namibia, I missed one important thing: Of the 44,500 kilometers (27,700 miles) of roads in Namibia, less than 15% are paved. Since we didn’t know that before, we ended up renting a standard 2WD Toyota Yaris and drive hundreds of miles on unpaved roads with it. Stupid, exciting and adventurous. On our adventure through Namibia, we drifted off the road once, drove through rivers on 4WD-only roads and got stuck in the sand of the Namib Desert – and we got to see the incredible beauty of Nambia.

Sossusvlei Namibia Dune Desert

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